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   Tundzha Guest house Chervenakovo is located in a still and quiet place in the south-western part of the village Chervenakovo, which has a wonderful view of the river Tundzha and the Surnena Sredna Gora mountain. The village itself has an excellent infrastructure. Nestling among Sredna Gora mountain and Stara Planina mountains, it wins the hearts of every visitor with its exquisite wild nature, wonderful in every season.
   The river - clearer than anywhere else, Tundzha flows at 400m from the yard. The river's beauty has too many faces: with currents where the fishermen can enjoy black barbell and chub; with slow deep water, rich in carp, tench (king fish), babushka and bleak. With its various islands and peninsulas the river is a challenge for the fans of predatory fish too- you can find pike, perch and sheat-fish. The river is also a great place for family outings- with deep walnut shades for your picnic, aromatic herbs for your afternoon walk and delicate sand and clear water for sunbathing and swimming.
   7 km away from the village is Zhrebchevo dam lake (the third largest in Bulgaria), Zhrebchevo where the nature and fishing and relaxation opportunities are equally taking. Zhrebchevo is one of the best places for fishing - kingdom of the pike, trolling and trophy sheat-fish.
   Resting in guest house Chervenakovo and fishing in Zhrebchevo lake or at the river Tundzha will let you combine fishing with a family vacation, without compromising.
   The nearby mountains (Sredna Gora and Stara Planina) are welcoming and provide excellent opportunities for hiking and cycling.

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